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Mobile Introductions and Connections for Networking Events!

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SMARTPHONES + SureToMeet Matchup connect like-minded people for immediate, stimulating conversations!

SureToMeet Networking Matchup App
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Business Networking Match

Matching people's interests and commonalities is optimized

MatchUp Group Close Successful networking events take talent to invite the right people. And create a comfortable environment. That's why SureToMeet designed a system that mixes real-time experience and living human beings into the secret sauce! MatchUp stimulates rewarding conversation with the best matches at the event!

    More dynamic networking ...

  • SureToMeet provides organizers like you with a leading-edge event management system.
  • MatchUp is a mobile matching system that uses popular smartphones for instant connections.
  • MatchUp identifies the best matches in the room for every participant.

    More compatible matches...

  • MatchUp matches like-minded people at local events.
  • MatchUp introduces compatible people across a crowded room.

    More rewarding conversations...

  • MatchUp makes every conversation meaningful with tailored conversation starters.
  • MatchUp draws on human intuition and organizer skill for the best chemistry in matches.

Your networking events can sparkle with conversation and chemistry when you add SureToMeet | MatchUp . Deliver the BEST matches for every attendee!

Now there is a better, easier, and more effective solution for matching compatible people

Mobile networking is in!

Smartphones are making instant connections commonplace - but the software system that customizes the connections has not been available ... until now. SureToMeet | MatchUp is that secret sauce. Just look at why this is the most robust matching system in the introductions marketplace today.

Bust the myths and frustrations of like-minded matching

  • Forget superficiality -- people want REAL conversations about what matters to them -- we focus on initial conversations that can lead to meaningful relationships.
  • People want to both meet new people, and nurture budding relationships over time. We encourage new and nurturing conversations at the very same events.
  • People want more compatible matches. MatchUp adds compatibility points with every question the attendees answer -- compatibility ranks just get more and more valuable.

SureToMeet Networking Matchup App
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