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Host Real-Time, Face-to-Face Matching
at Your Networking Events!

Networking Mixer

SureToMeet Networking Matchup App

Are your mixer attendees frustrated
with online and networking results?

The problem is spreading...
"Not enough new people to meet."
"Poor matching."
"Wasted time."
"High costs for low results."

YOU can now solve this problem
with MatchUp!

SureToMeet's new MatchUp smartphone app introduces all mixer attendees to their most compatible matches right at the event. And enriches their conversation for more rewarding results!

How it works

MatchUp works with Web-enabled smartphones to locate people the attendee simply MUST MEET. MatchUp allows each person to choose what type of people they want to meet and then find each other! As attendees update their interest responses, our system instantly provides new introductions.

How Much it Costs

MatchUp costs $3 per attendee. And SureToMeet makes online event registration a breeze using credit cards.

Why You Need It

We all want better meetings for our attendees. And attendees have never had enough time to find all the best matches at the event!

MatchUp now provides an inexpensive and convenient solution that matches the most compatible people at your mixer. Attendees can choose what they're looking for and find the most compatible matches! Attendees enjoy meetings more and tell their friends!

SureToMeet | MatchUp
is the solution that puts
a smile on attendees' faces,
and fantastic matches
right in their hands.

SureToMeet Networking Matchup App
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The MatchUp smartphone system
turns face-to-face conversations into the BEST connections.

SureToMeet now helps event organizers like you power your events with a cutting edge mobile introduction and connection system.

SureToMeet provides a flexible Web-based online membership management, online event promotion, and online registration system -- but that's not the whole story!

Your events can sparkle with stimulating conversation when you add MatchUp . By answering just a few questions, your guests will find the BEST matches at your event!

Businessman with Smartphone Businesswoman with Smartphone

People Are In Charge...

Our web app puts organizers and attendees in charge of their experience. SureToMeet | MatchUp provides the BEST matches for each person at the event! No one else can deliver so much, so fast, so flexibly!

Computers & Smartphones Are Tools...

Event organizers can handle many of their event management tasks with our handy SureToMeet features -- from promotion to registrations ... and now we make it easy to add real-time matching, introductions and connections with MatchUp!

Event organizers can have more successful mixers because SureToMeet | MatchUp
matches like-minded people quickly and easily, right at the event!

Your MatchUp events will generate more revenue and profits because MatchUp is easy to use,
effective and generates high loyalty.

This means that more people will attend and larger groups generate more revenue -- and more profits. And when they experience the difference -- they will come back!

SureToMeet Networking Matchup App
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