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Getting Started with a SureToMeet | MatchUp Event


SureToMeet Networking Matchup App
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Use SureToMeet's Event Management Tools With Your Win-Win-Win Events.

SureToMeet provides you with powerful options for faster, easier event management:

  • Event invitations
  • On-line registration
  • RSVPs
  • List management
  • AND MatchUp for mixers
Remember, you pay only for what you use.

SureToMeet | MatchUp provides fast and easy matches! No one else can deliver so much, so fast, so flexibly!

Sign up today to use SureToMeet's robust organizer tools

SureToMeet has helped hundreds of thousands of attendees register for local events with our clients -- event and meeting organizers. We know what organizers appreciate in event management tools. We work with event organizers who are independent event planners, as well as organizers who are connected with professional groups and private companies.

SureToMeet Services

Get Started for Free

You can test our SureToMeet system by signing up and using our FREE service for a free meeting such as a board meeting, family event or even a fun frisby game.

You can also jump right in and use SureToMeet's options to organize your next event -- add your prospect list for mailings; send invitations; take online-RSVPs -- and add MatchUp to your program!

We're very excited about the breakthrough potential of MatchUp to improve the value of networking events for both organizers and attendees with SureToMeet's event management PLUS MatchUp's robust smartphone accessibility and easy of use.

Here's how to get started with SureToMeet

You will not be charged upfront for our basic account services.
  1. Sign up for an Account at

  2. Complete an "Organization" Profile (If you're going to host paid events, request the "credit card registrations" feature)

  3. Add the MatchUp feature to your Event. View the MatchUp self-paced training to get started quickly.
Isn't that easy? We step you through the process option-by-option so that your SureToMeet account is customized to your needs, your event, and your community.

We look forward to helping you match up your attendees ... and making a lot of people very happy! Let's create more compatible relationships!

SureToMeet Networking Matchup App
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